Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Silent Tears

This Forum Set was created by me on October 20, 2012.Any tag similar to this is coincidental and by no means is associated with such tag/tutorial. All supplies used are credited to the artist/copyright owner with a link to their products and no supplies are provided by this site/me. 
The Tube is ©Dark Yarrow @ DSI 
Kit used is by Bibi's Collection 
Open your canvas 600x600/transparent.
Apply element29,using your magic wand tool to highlight the inside.Go to Selections>Modify>Expand>(3)>Ok. 
Paste paper inside. While the frame is still highlighted place your tube inside,resize 75%,place in center and press delete.Go to your layers palet and blend tube layer (soft light). Move frame to top layer and add drop shadow.
Apply element 88,resize 75%,and place on left side of frame elemnt,then duplicate and mirror.
Apply element 47,resize 75%,and place on the leftside in front of element 88. 
Apply element 30,Go to Image>Free Rotate>(R-90)>Ok. Then place it behind the element 47.
Apply element 75,resize 75%,and place in front of element 30 on the right side.
Apply element 63,resize 50%,and place on top of element 47.
Apply element 45,resize 50%,and place on top of element 47.
Apply name using your chosen font and place on the bottom left(or where ever you'd like).
Apply your credits/copyrights (mine are on the right side of tag)
Now merge all layers visable. 
Save your tag as PNG if you do not want a white background and JPEG if you do.
Thank You for looking and happy tagging!

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