Thursday, February 10, 2011

Bella's Love Layouts

I created four layouts using Lisa of Eal Designs PTU scrap-kit "Bella's Love Mega Kit". This amazing...Twilight inspired scrap-kit can be purchased at The Creativity Box in Lisa's shop HERE.  With Lisa's permission I am offering the first two layouts free until Feb.28. For the third one, you will need to sign up for The Creativity Box's newsletter to receive this as an exclusive offer. And last but not least, for the fourth layout you will need to venture over to Miss Lisa's blog to download it. I know...were a lil nuts makin ya go blog to blog but that's just how we I hope you enjoy them and please remember your manners and say Thank You. Lisa put a lot of time creating this wonderful kit and I making the layouts for you. Happy Scrappin!!!
(Links are now inactive. You will need to visit Lisa's shop 
to get these quick pages.Link is provided above.BSD/3/7/11)

Freebie Offered in TCB Newsletter only

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Coffee Date

I created this tag using Sarah of Hungry Hill PTU scrap-kit called "Coffee Date". Tube used in this tag is a FTU by Irene Shpek and can be purchased at MPT.  Thanks Sarah...this is a lovely kit!!!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Miss Cupid

Miss Cupid
This Tutorial was written by me on February 6; 2011.Any tutorial similar to this is coincidental and by no means is associated with such tutorial. “Miss Cupid” was written assuming its followers have working knowledge of PSP and its functions. All supplies used are credited to the artist/copyright owner with a link to their products and no supplies are provided by this site/me. If you follow this tut please give credit to BSD or Broken Sky Dezine or

Supplies used for this Tutorial are credited to:
Let's make a tag:

Open a new transparent canvas,600x600 and flood fill white.
Open paper 5, copy an past onto canvas,apply mask and merge group.
Open Valentines Heart Frame element,copy and past into canvas,resize 75% and add drop shadow.
Activate magic wand tool and highlight inside frame element. Go to selections>modify>expand>5. Go to selections>invert,
Open paper 14,copy and past into highlighted frame,press delete on keyboard,
Apply mask (same mask) to paper 14, and merge group.
Activate magic wand tool and highlight inside frame element. Go to selections>modify>expand>5. Go to selections>invert. 
Open your close up tube, copy and past close up into highlighted frame, add drop shadow,press delete on keyboard,and deactivate magic wand tool.
Go to adjust>blur>gaussian blur>2>apply.
Apply tag 1 to the center of frame at the bottom,add drop shadow, 
Apply your text(name) with chosen font on top of tag.
Apply chocolate 2 element,resize 45%, move to bottom left of tag and add drop shadow.
Now copy and past full tube onto canvas,resize 80%,add drop shadow, With your move tool position tube on top layer to the right,slightly overlapping frame and tag1.
Add your copyright text,license #, Tagged by (your initials).
Save to your PC and your finished!!!

TY for trying my tutorial!!!!