Monday, October 31, 2011


This Tutorial was written by me on October 31, 2011.Any tutorial similar to this is coincidental and by no means is associated with such tutorial. "Tricks-N-Treats" was written assuming its followers have working knowledge of PSP and its functions. All supplies used are credited to the artist/copyright owner with a link to their products and no supplies are provided by this site/me. If you follow this tut please give credit to BSD, Broken Sky Dezine, or Either one of the three options are acceptable.

Supplies used for this Tutorial are credited to:
 PTU Scrapkit by:Foxy's Designz @ Digi Foxs Studio
Tube by: Lady Mishka @ PFD
Font: Ruach LET
Mask by: DBV #111
Open element41,duplicate, and resize to 600x615.
Apply element49(frame) on top of element 41.Resize 50% and place center. Go to selections>modify>expand>3.OK, then go to selections>invert, and paste paper 7 inside.Press delete and deselect your magic wand tool.
Copy tor tube and paste it onto your canvas in between the paper 7 layer and the element 49 (frame) layer. Now, making sure your frame layer is checked in your layers pallet, use your eraser tool to remove the upper part of frame that covers the head/hair/left side of your tube (giving the appearance your tube is coming out of the frame).
Apply element50 0n top layer at the bottom of frame,resize 30%.
Apply element35,resize 30%, and place left of element50.
Apply element6,resize 35%, and place right of element50.
Apply element39,resize 50% and place on top of element41 layer (sticking out below the cupcakes.
Apply element34, resize 50%, and place below the paper7 layer (sticking out from behind the frame) Go to layers>duplicate, then image>mirror.
Apply element1,resize 30%, and move below element34 on the left side.
Apply element2,resize 30%, and move below the duplicate element34 layer on the right side. Go to image>flip.
Apply element36 ,resize 30%, and move to the left side below element1. Go to layer>duplicate and then image>mirror.
Open paper9,resize 600x600. Copy and paste paper into a new layer. Move to bottom layer and apply your mask. Go to layers>merge>group.
Apply your copyright and license #.
Apply your name, the go to layers>merge>visible>ok.
Save to your PC as JPEG or PNG.

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