Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Fallen

This Tutorial was written by me on August 2, 2011.Any tutorial similar to this is coincidental and by no means is associated with such tutorial. "The Fallen" was written assuming its followers have working knowledge of PSP and its functions. All supplies used are credited to the artist/copyright owner with a link to their products and no supplies are provided by this site/me. If you follow this tut please give credit to BSD, Broken Sky Dezine, or http://brokenskydezine-gallery.blogspot.com. Either one of the three options are acceptable.

Supplies used for this Tutorial are credited to:
Program: PSP9
 PTU Kit:Fallen By:Hungry Hill Scraps
 FTU Mask:Myth25
Let’s get started

Open a new canvas 600x600
Apply frame to center of your canvas and resize 70%.
Using your magic wand tool click inside frame. Go to Selections>modify>expand>4>ok and then go back to selections>invert. Past tube or in my case image into highlighted frame. Resize image 55% and press delete on your keyboard.
Apply the harp element to your canvas, resize 45% and place on the left side of fram. Go to Layer>duplicate and then Image>mirror.
Apply candles to top layer, resize 35%, and place in front of frame in center.
apply black rose element, resize 25%, and place on the bottom left corner of frame. Toy will need to move rose element to below candles layer. Go to Layer>duplicate and then Image>mirror.
Apply angel twig element to canvas (left side), resize 80%, and move to bottom layer.  Go to Layer>duplicate and then Image>mirror.
apply sheer2 element to your canvas, move to bottom layer, and drag down with your move tool untill the sheer element is sticking out from under the candles a bit. 
Go to Layer>duplicate and then Image>flip. 
Now, merge all layers visible. Go to Image>resize>80% (make sure "All Layers" is not checked)>0k.
apply paper 5 to your canvas and move to bottom layer,Apply your mask, and merge>group.
Apply pearl accents element to bottom left and resize 30%. 
Open your text box, apply your name,place where ever you like.
Open the text box again and place credits and copyright info, place legebly anywhere on your canvas.
Merge all layers visible and save to your PC.
Your finished!!!
Thanks for viewing my tut!!!

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