Friday, January 21, 2011

Love Is

Love Is

This tutorial was created by me on 1-20-11 and is of my own ideas. Anything similar is a coincidence. A working knowledge of PSP is required for this tutorial. The PTU kit used in this tutorial belong to the lovely Stacey of Stacey's Designs and can be purchased at Your Scrap addiction

Supplies you will need for this tut are as follows:
~ Paint Shop Pro 9 but any version should work
~Scrap-Kit of choice: I used Diagnosis:Love Sick
~Tube or Image of choice: I used my wedding photo ( (C)Tonya Webster)
~Mask: I used WSL_Mask84
~Font of choice: I used Stencil Stud

~Let's Get Started~
*note:I put drop shadows (2,-2) on all my elements*

Open  a blank canvas 600x600 at 72 pix/inch & flood fill white.
Open paper #11, resize 600x600,copy and past onto your white canvas
(close orig. paper #11/do not save changes).
Add your mask to paper 11 layer: Layer>choose mask>fit to canvas>show all mask>source luminance>load. 
At the right side,in the layers box, right click on the group layer>merge layers>Group.
Open Love Frame, copy and past on top of group layer.
Activate magic wand tool and highlight inside your frame. Go to Selections>invert. Now open paper #14, copy and past onto frame, hit the delete key on your keyboard and deselect your wand tool, Go to layers box and drag your frame layer to the top.
Open bow #1, copy and past on top of frame, lower left side over the frames red heart.
Open your engagement ring element, past on to canvas and resize 80%. 
Open red splatter element,past onto canvas,in layers box drag red splatter below group layer, on canvas using your move tool position splatter to upper left of tag. Go to Layers>Duplicate and with your move tool drag splatter down a bit.
Open heart string element and past onto canvas.Go to layers box and drag heart string to above group layer. Activate your deform tool and shrink in both ends of heart string until it looks like only 2 hearts show on either side of frame.
Open journal bracket element and past onto canvas, should be your top layer in your layers box. Re-size 15%, activate your deform tool again and stretch your brackets until they look wide enough to put your name/initials and then slightly rotate right side up.Deselect deform tool.
Activate tour text box,type in your name/initials ( set your font, size, and color of choice) and apply. Using the move tool place text on top of and in between brackets.Use your deform tool to to shrink and rotate your text, then deselect deform tool,

Now to add your tube or in this case your image.

Using your magic wand tool, select inside your frame layer,Go to Selections>Invert and past your image into highlighted area. You may need to resize at this point,I did 80%, and hit the delete button on your keyboard.I did not add drop shadow to this image but if your using a tube that doesn't take up the entire inside of your frame you may want to, to give it depth.

Now add your credits,copyright,license #, etc.
Go to your layers box and right click top layer>merge>visible. 
Your tag is complete...go show it off!!!

Thanks for trying my tut!!

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