Saturday, December 4, 2010

Christmas Morning

This tutorial was written on December 4,2010 by me and is of my own creative mind. Any other tutorials found to be similar is coincidental. A working knowledge of PSP is required to follow this tutorial.
This is the second tag I made  features Patty's of Honored Scraps
 PTU kit "Christmas Treasures". You can find this kit at Your Scrap Addiction Store in Honored Scraps shop.  The lovely PTU tube used is  by the talented Barbara Jensen and a license is required to use.
                                        This is a very cute Christmas kit, Thanks Patty!!!
Aside from the kit and tube above, for this tutorial you will need the following supplies:
Paint Shop Pro 9
Winter Mask by Jenny

Okay Lets create a tag...
*I put drop shadows on all elements*
Open a new canvas 600x600, transparent and flood fill white.
Go to Layers>load/ save Mask>Load Mask from Disk: Select mask of choice and adjust settings(fit to layer/Source luminance/hide all mask) then load your mask.
Now merge your layers (layers>Merge>Merge Group).
Copy and past Candy Cane frame 1into your canvas and resize 80% and add drop shadow. Use your magic wand tool to select inside the frame. Once highlighted go to Selections>invert and past paper #13 onto canvas and delete. now copy and past tree #1 into frame(on top of paper). Position tree to your liking, mine is to the left, and delete. Deselect magic wand too and add drop shadow. 
Copy and past the red poinsettia onto lower right side of your frame, add drop shadow and go to Layers>duplicate and move copied poinsettia to left side of frame.
Copy and past Christmas Vine to both sides of frame, position under poinsettia layer, and apply your drop shadows.
Copy bow #3 to the left side of frame,on top left and resize 50%,add drop shadow.
Repeat last step, this time using bow #4 and apply it to the right side of frame.
Copy and past Stocking # 3 on top of the bow on the right and add drop shadow.
Copy and past Holly Time element to the bottom of frame in the center, resize 80%, add drop shadow.
Now lets add your tube. Copy and past your tube into your canvas, resize 80% , position in center of your frame and add drop shadow.
Copy and past gift box #7 into your canvas, resize 40%, position in-between your tubes legs, and ad drop shadow,
Using your text box, using your colors and font of choice, add your name to the top of the stocking. Size and position to your liking.
Add your copyright info, merge all layers and save (PNG OR J PEG).
*Thank You for trying my tutorial and Happy Holidays*

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