Thursday, November 18, 2010

Escaping Wonderland

This tutorial was written by me on November 18th, 2010 and is the result of my own ideas. 
Any resemblance to any other tutorial is purely coincidental. I am using a PTU kit so no 
supplies will be provided only links to supplies I a using.

PSP Version used: 9, but should work in other versions and 
this tutorial assumes you have a good working knowledge of PSP.

Supplies Needed
Scrapkit of your choice, I am using "Almost Wonderland" by Melissa of WDDesignz 
Amazing kit!! I had so much fun with this kit. The elements and papers in this kit are just adorable.
You can find this kit at I Got Lucky Skraps and Thanks Melissa for allowing me to use your kit.  

No tube was added to this tag but feel free to do so in creating your own.

Mask used is WSL#75

Plug In needed: Alien Skin Impact 5

Font of Choice: I used Beyond Wonderlad

OK..Lets Play!!

Place your Mask into the mask file in your PSP folder.
Now open a new image 600x600 with a transparent background
Open paper #4 and resize to 600x600, copy and past onto your blank canvas then close the original.
Go to Layers,select your mask.Mask setting should be as follows:Orientation-fit to canvas/Options-show all mask/Create Mask From-source luminance, load mask, and merge group.
Open the grass element,copy and past to the lower part of your tag, on top of mask then close the original.
Open the book element,copy past on top of the grass,resize 60% and add drop-shadow.
Copy and past the vine with light element on top of the left page of the book then resize 85% and add drop-shadow.
Now open the journal #3 element and place to the top right of your tag, resize 50%.Add drop-shadow,position the journal allowing the vine to overlap it slightly on the left side.Then use your magic wand tool and select the middle of journal,go to selections>invert ,copy and past paper #27 then deselect.
 Copy and past the cats face into the center of the journal,no need to resize,go to effects>plug-in>extrude.Play around w/ the setting and apply the depth you like best and apply. This effect will give your cat face a 3D appearance.
Next add the heart clouds to the upper right hand side,on top of vine and slightly overlapping the journal.
Now copy and past the Ca3 element just below the journal:giving the look of flying out of the book, resize 50% and add drop-shadow.
Copy and past the brown rock to the center of the page on the right page of the book, add drop-shadow then copy and past flowers 1,4,6 to the front of the rock and add your drop-shadow.
Copy and past the yellow butterfly's to the right of the book, just above the grass, resize 50% and add drop-shadow.
Add swirl to the right bottom corner of the journal and resize 80%.
Copy and past the leaves in the grass on the left side in front of the book and resize,add drop-shadow.
Copy and past the white flower element in front of the leaves and use the deform tool to turn it on it's side,resize then add drop-shadow.
Finally, use your chosen font and add your name using color and text size of choice.Convert text layer to raster layer then go to effects>plug-ins>gradient glow. 
Settings should be as follows:
Glow Type:outside glow/Radius 5.00/Soften Corners 12/
Opacity 100/Distortion Amt.12/Lump size 100/Gradient Softness 100
Apply and position text bottom center of tag.
Merge all layers visible
Now save in PNG...Your All Done!!! 

Thanks for looking at my very first  tutorial. I hope it was easy to follow and that you enjoyed it.

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