Monday, March 7, 2011

Irish Myth

This Tutorial was written by me on March 7; 2011.Any tutorial similar to this is coincidental and by no means is associated with such tutorial. “Irish Myth” was written assuming its followers have working knowledge of PSP and its functions. All supplies used are credited to the artist/copyright owner with a link to their products and no supplies are provided by this site/me. If you follow this tut please give credit to BSD, Broken Sky Dezine, or Either one of the three options are acceptable.

 Supplies used for this Tutorial are credited to:
Scrap kit: Irish Myth sold @ YSA

Let’s create a tag:
(Remember to add drop shadow (2,-2) to all elements)
Open a blank canvas 500x500.
Add new raster layer and flood fill 118/180.
Open ground element, resize 500x500, past into canvas, and blend>hard light>ok.
Apply tree1 element to the right side of bridge (towards the back) and place tree 2 opposite tree 1, on left side.
Apply fence1 element to the lower right side of canvas, only showing the upper left side of fence.
Apply frog element, resize 30%, and move to edge of water and grass.
Apply butterfly3 element to canvas, coming out of left bottom corner.
Duplicate tree2 element, move to top layer, and move to front section of grass: on the left side of canvas.
Move butterfly3 element to top layer, above the duplicate of the tree2 layer.
Apply puppy element, resize 50%, and place on the bridge. Go to Image>Mirror (now your puppy is watching the butterfly’s…lol).
Apply bird element, resize 30%, and place on top of fence element.
Apply bling flower element. Go to Free Rotate>90% left>OK. Re-size bling flower element 50% and apply to the bottom of canvas, move behind fence element.
Go to Image>Picture Frame> (choose and edge brush)> OK.
Apply your name to the blue (sky) area at the top of your tag using the colored pencil tool, color should be light gray. Go to layers palette and blend your name using Hard Light.
Apply copyright info, merge visible. Go to Layers>Re-size>500x490>all layers>OK.
 And now save to your pc.

Thanks for trying my tutorial!!!

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